Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Moving on with our transformation plans we have gone from a premium single brand paint company to a more or less white label paint company with over seven brands focused on delivering value for money in each price/quality range .

This process is just about complete we have released successfully into the market 5 different products filling the gap btw ultra premium and down and dirty discounts.

We have tweaked our website and “got out of the building” launched an ad campaign using analytics to track data this was our first iteration and we really wanted to know just who was out there we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasn’t who we thought we would find (end-users) but mainly marketers and painter/contractors from out of state

This proved we were on the right track as our ultimate aim is to build a community of buyers and sellers of eagle paints on the web across the nation

We developed a blackberry app call eagle using freelancers from and are updating it taking what we have learnt and making it better , this opened a whole new world of possibilities ....we demo’d it at , developersparapo a local tech meet up, got great reviews on and shall be doing android versions for its next iteration

We also experimented with a premium 0700 call eagle number and small adverts in the paper these were marginally successful locally but didn’t work nationwide which was the point.

The premium number was pointless. Vanity numbers don’t work on smart phones which our target audience have (duh) and further more in this day and age of mobile phones with infinite memories we have all lost the will to remember a number

We have developed a road map going forward for our online development based on lean start up methodology, customer development, and business model design :- To help us perfectly align our on and offfline roles.

We are rebuilding our online experience which involves building and deploying dummy sites for constant a/b testing of different functionalities ( we have the specs for and have wire framed the final site ) ,we will tweak the site as we build and learn and implement design details from dummy sites .

With the help of and we are listening to our customers engaging with them and letting them help us be what they want us to be

With what we learnt in Mumbai we have reengineered our whole manufacturing process and are ready to seriously disrupt the industry

We are energised by the prospect of creating jobs

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